In 2017-2018, 171 volunteers joined us to Take a Stand Against Family Violence and Abuse, contributing 6,290 hours of service. These dedicated people of all ages and backgrounds are an integral part of our agency. We are grateful for the hard work, compassion and commitment of all our volunteers. We would not be able to accomplish all the work we do each year without their support. Thank you!

Board of Directors

Shelly Norris – President
Lori Berg – Vice President
Van Zorbas – Past President
Linda Matkaluk – Treasurer
Sarah Black – Director
Mike Borys – Director
Charlene Campo – Director
Rob Carpenter – Director
Heather Chapple – Director
Amber Haworth – Director
Cameron Hughes – Director
Rob Imbeau – Director
Sherri Logel – Director
Dave Newby – Director
Karen Sorensen – Director
Mark Stables – Director
Kim Ruse – Executive Director
Bart van Schaayk – Director
Marc Weil – Director



Volunteers at Various Community Booths

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