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COVID-19 and Calgary Women's Emergency Shelter 

We encourage those experiencing family violence and abuse to reach out - whether you are a victim, friends or family looking to support someone, or men looking for help. We are here to help. Call our 24-Hour Family Violence Helpline: 403-234-7233 (SAFE)During this time of crisis, our counsellors will also respond to emails: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or text messages: 403-604-6689. If you are in danger, call 911. 


For available services and resources during this time, click here.

Update March 26, 2020


At the Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter, we are taking every possible precaution to protect our clients, residents and staff from COVID-19.  The following are the practices we have in place to keep everyone in our building safe and healthy:


     • We contract a professional cleaning company to ensure our shelter is cleaned to industry standards

     • Meals at the Shelter are prepared by cooks with food safety certification

     • We are using a hospital-grade disinfectant and have increased the frequency of our cleaning of all surfaces, particularly high-traffic places such as door handles, kitchens, and bathrooms

     • If there is any form of illness in a family member, such as a sore throat, fever or cough, the whole family is isolated immediately in their room. Meals are brought to the family on disposable dishes.

     • We follow Alberta Health Services recommendations regarding COVID-19 prevention and response. We have been screening admissions to the Shelter since early February, with screening criteria that is in alignment with Alberta Health Services   

     • We are following social distancing recommendations, which means we have staggered meal times, and staggered use of our communal recreational space (one family at a time). Our housekeepers disinfect surfaces after one family uses the communal space before the next family uses the room. Counselling takes place either over the phone or between people who are sitting at an acceptable distance from one another. 


In our community-based programs we are following the protocols advised by Alberta Health Services, and are providing support and counselling at a distance.


In times of increased anxiety and stress, incidents of family violence and abuse can increase. We are prepared for higher demand for our services as the COVID-19 situation unfolds in our community. If you or anyone you know needs help and support with family violence and abuse, please call the 24-Hour Family Violence Helpline at (403) 234-7233.

 Update March 16, 2020


The World Health Organization recently classified COVID-19 a global pandemic. We are actively monitoring the rapidly evolving directions of all levels of government and paying special attention to advice from Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer. Calgary is currently classified as being in a State of Emergency and as such, it is important for you to know the Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter is here to help.


Please note our Emergency Shelter and community programs and services remain open as we know the incidences of family violence and abuse will increase.  Effective immediately, we are refocusing services and offering additional support to those impacted and have also added capacity to answer calls on our 24-Hour Family Violence Helpline, which is 403-234-SAFE (7233).  


We are all in this together and we promise to do our level best to keep the women, children, youth and men impacted by family violence and abuse safe while we deal with COVID-19 in our community.


We are thankful for the continued financial support of our funders, donors and sponsors at this extremely critical time.

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