24-Hour Family Violence Helpline

403.234.SAFE (7233)  


"My son and I are no longer afraid and have started a new chapter."

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Available Food Options from Fork + Farm:

Fork + Farm provides hand-crafted, locally sourced, food.


Executive Charcuterie Box ($50 includes delivery & GST)

Featuring a fine selection of house-cured, smoked and roasted meats and pate de campagne.  Accompanied by chef selected fine cheeses, olives, house mustards, picklings, preserves and artisanal crisps.


Individual Charcuterie ($30 includes delivery & GST)

Brie, gouda, house cured meats, picklings, spiced nuts, house preserves.  Served with artisanal crisps. 


Charcuterie boxes are available at an additional cost to ticket prices. Delivery and GST are included in prices.


Delivery is available in Calgary and surrounding areas. Deadline for food orders is April 21st.


Purchase Tickets and Food

Client Testimonials

My time at the Shelter kept me from harm. It also gave me the hope I thought I had lost. 

~ Jan

It’s still amazing to me that such a simple step as one phone call could so dramatically change a person’s life.

~ Catherine

After 50 years of marriage I didn’t want to leave him, but now I know how to keep myself safe in my own home.


It felt great to break the silence. I told my counsellor things about my marriage that I have never told anyone because I felt so ashamed.

~ Sierra




24-Hour Family Violence Helpline
403.234.SAFE (7233)
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