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Statistics and Research

In our last fiscal year, the Calgary Women's Emergency 24-Hour Family Violence Helpline received 11,998 calls.


In our last fiscal year, the total number of clients Calgary Women's Emergency Shelter served was 15,417.


1 in 2 women will experience one incident of physical or sexualized violence.

This figure does not include the many other types of abuse. Source: Statistics Canada Report, “Violence Against Women Survey”

74% of Albertans report that they personally know at least one woman who has been sexually or physically assaulted.

This figure does not factor in the countless women who do not tell anyone about the assault(s) nor does it factor in any other type of abuse besides physical and sexualized violence.
Source: Canadian Women’s Foundation “Angus Reid Omnibus Survey” from 2012.

In Canada, a woman is killed by her intimate partner every 5 days.

Source: Statistics Canada, 2016

Family violence and abuse costs Canada an estimated $7.4 Billion every year.

This figure is derived from costs associated with health care, criminal justice, social services, and lost wages/productivity. Sources: Canadian Women's Foundation.

Calgary Police Services responds to approximately 19,000 domestic violence calls each year.

Source: Calgary Police Service



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