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Child and Adolescent Services

Child and Adolescent Services are available to clients at the Emergency Shelter and in the community. Counsellors provide compassionate, age-appropriate activities and counselling for children in a safe, stable, interactive environment. Individual counselling is provided, as well as family counselling with parent and child, and family support, which focuses on healthy relationships, addressing safety concerns and providing support to learn strategies to cope with parenting issues. The agency works from a client centered approach and believes that, when working with the mother, children and youth, any sustainable change needs to be accompanied and supported by changes in the family unit. Parental involvement is key to reinforce the counselling provided to support in the family efforts to create healthy families.


The Children’s Activity Centre within the Emergency Shelter also provides a blend of structured and child-led play, where the focus with the children is on keeping oneself safe, identifying emotions and socialization.

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